CLEMM@Home Title


Closed Loop Electronic Medication Monitoring

Designed for Patients at Risk in the COMMUNITY

CLEMM@Home targets one of the most significant problems in healthcare today – that of medication related harm. Medication-related admissions are estimated to cost $1.2 billion annually in Australia. CLEMM@Home supports patients in managing their daily medications safely from home, and enables early intervention when things go wrong.

The patient’s medication profile and dose regimen are managed by their local pharmacist through integration with the Pharmacist’s dispensing system, which ensures that the information is accurate and up to date. The patient’s dosing regimen is automatically synchronised to their phone which saves the patient from the confusion and complexity of entering it themselves. The pharmacist or other health professionals can review the patient’s adherence to their regimen and help keep the patient on track. It also helps them to identify early signs of deterioration in symptoms or changes in the patient’s condition.

SVIDA evolved out of one of the earliest pharmacy dispensing system vendors in Australia. Since then we have been focused on applying mobile technology and consumer behaviour theory to improve medication safety and efficacy in community settings.  We have a wealth of knowledge in community healthcare and medication platforms, as well as health standards, terminologies, security, and interoperability.

Our medication monitoring platform currently integrates with the leading pharmacy dispensing systems, and is backed by our terminology engine to codify against standards such as the Australian Medicines Terminology.

It is the combination of these technologies as well as an understanding of consumer and provider behaviours and motivations that makes SVIDA’s offering unique to the market.


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