Residential Care


Reducing Complexity of Medication Management

through a simplified dose administration system

Complex dosing simplified

Medication administration is a complex and high risk activity, especially in poorly resourced environments in which staff with varying skills and experience care for frail patients who may be on several medications. Expecting staff of varying skill levels to use complicated medication charts is unrealistic. With these realities in mind, we have made complex dosing simple for all.

So how does CLEMM solve common dosing problems?

Problem CLEMM Solution
Skipped or incorrect doses when administering or recording: When dosing, CLEMM shows only the drugs due now for each patient. To complete the task each dose must be acknowledged.
Time consuming chart checking to monitor compliance: Instead of manually reviewing page after page of handwritten charts, with CLEMM you can find and action missing doses in an instant.
Paperwork duties that distract from clinical care: CLEMM shows staff only what they need to perform a task, enabling them to focus on clinical care instead of paperwork.
Time wasted coordinating changes and new orders with the pharmacy: CLEMM provides the pharmacy and facility with a common view of outstanding orders. CLEMM also sends emails to both when a drug order changes.

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